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Purchase of cars in Estonia

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We have been operating in the car market for many years and know how to make a deal quickly and without problems.
The first thing a person interested in selling a car should do is to contact us by filling out the contact form on the website or by calling. Based on the received description of the car, we will name the preliminary cost. The exact price offer will be specified after the evaluation carried out by our specialist, who comes for this purpose to a place convenient for the client.
  • We offer the highest prices
  • We draw up documents right on the spot
  • We buy cars in any condition
Want to sell a car quickly, but not to do it yourself? Entrust us with all the problems associated with the sale of the car!
  • Fast
    Our goal is to help you sell the car as quickly as possible by completing all the necessary documents in an expedited manner, and we will do everything in our power to do so.
  • Easy
    We will buy your car under any condition! It does not matter if there is a technical inspection on it, whether it needs repair or has malfunctions. We will purchase your car without unnecessary delays or questions.
  • Profitable
    Of course, you would like to sell your car with maximum profit. We can offer you the highest price in the market for your car.
Second-hand cars with warranty
Our partner, Carprof, offers a unique opportunity to buy a used car with a guarantee. Each vehicle is checked by independent experts and has been serviced. The ‘Carprof’ combines low prices for cars as in the market – and a warranty as a dealer. With us you may upgrade your car quickly and profitably. You give your car for purchase – and the amount for it is counted as a contribution for a new car from the ‘Carprof’ service. A small surcharge – and you have a modern, comfortable, proven car with a guarantee.
If you want to buy a new car, you can find it from them.
Every car owner has at least once faced the need to sell a car. Of course, you want to do it faster and with maximum benefit. Our specialists will take care of all the problems! CARBUY can be fully trusted. We are not a credit institution or a pawnshop. We buy your cars, in any form and condition. Yes, it’s simple as that! Our goal is to buy your car fast, simply, and profitably – as suits you most.
  • Fast
  • Qualitatively
  • Securely
  • The car does not need to be prepared for sale
  • We buy cars of any year of manufacture and in any condition
  • We buy cars without technical inspection or insurance
  • We buy cars that are not working and in need of repair
  • We will offer more than others for your car
  • We immediately pay the money in cash or to the account
  • We work all over Estonia and go to the place ourselves
We buy cars in any condition
Selling a car – is always a long-run and difficult task. Even cars in perfect condition often spend at least 2-3 weeks in the secondary market, while the owner has to “fight off” those who want to lower the price, beg for installments on their word of honor and walk around the entire body with a thickness gauge. And cars after accidents, even minor ones, or requiring repairs, may even wait for the buyer for up to several months.

With us, you can sell a car in any condition.

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