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Carbuy will help you to sell your car in Baltics

We buy cars regardless of their appearance or condition.

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The next day, the Carbuy service person contacted us and we reached an agreement on the purchase and sale price. The car was accepted and the money was deposited right away. The transaction was stress free. I recommend Carbuy to everyone!

Marko — Pärnu

Sold my car the same day

We were able to reach an agreement on the sale price with Carbuy on the same day. Carbuy picked up the car and the money was transferred directly to my bank account. Service was simply excellent. I definitely recommend them!

Meelis — Tallinn

Operative and efficient team

Carbuy called me and the next day they arrived in Tartu to pick the car. A fair price was offered. I took some money from my savings and went to buy a new car 🙂 I would not have expected that we have such good service in Estonia!

Marja — Tartu

We offer the highest prices

We buy cars in any condition

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Looking to sell your car quickly and hassle-free? Carbuy specialize in helping car owners sell their vehicles fast, often on the same day. We will deal with all the problems associated with the sale of the car!

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+372 5858 0808

Fair price for cars in any condition!

Selling a car is always a long and challenging task. Even vehicles in perfect condition can spend at least 2-3 weeks on the secondary market, with the owner having to fend off potential buyers trying to negotiate a lower price or request installment payments based solely on trust. Additionally, cars involved in accidents, even minor ones, or those in need of repairs, may wait for a buyer for several months. With us, you can sell your car in any condition.

We will offer your a fair price regardless the condition of your car!

  • No need to prepare your car for sale.
  • We buy cars of any make and model, regardless of the year or condition.
  • We purchase cars even without a valid technical inspection or insurance.
  • We buy non-functional and cars in need of repair too.
  • We offer you more for your car compared to others.
  • Get immediate cash payment or have the money transferred to your bank account.
  • We operate throughout Estonia and come to you ourselves.